Our origins

We are a true Italian company, which knows how to give substance to its “Italianness” through creations of soulful avant-garde products that come from our exclusively original history.

We imprint our gestures, the smell of the sun and our laughter into this. Italian savoir-faire is our daily life, the mastery with which we know how to create elements that are not simply furniture pieces – they have the flavor of art, made to express elegance. Design at its essence.

We learn and study traditions handed down as something rare and precious. We value them and develop, improve and combine them with all the strength of the new, grasping the contamination and the needs of recent and future demands.

We work hard to bring together professionals who know how to realize what they have in their hearts, in their memory books, skillful gestures, the art of making. They know how to surprise themselves over and over, remaining on a path of growth. An irrepressible creativity, with the ability to discuss and share a common thought. This is our “Italianness”.

The result is the Connection (Legame) between the productive soul, which over the years has created important projects for renowned companies in the sector, and the creative and managerial heart, building relationships with important designers, partners and international players, in a constant challenge to improve every day.


Furniture pieces designed on a human scale

Made in Italy

Legame comes as an entirely Italian company chain.

Overall harmony

Legame comes as a linearity of style that translates into clean and elegant products for dynamic and harmonious environments, where each element enhances and completes the space layout.

Absolute quality

Legame comes as a line of continuity between design, territory, art, with precise choices in every production step to ensure the highest quality.

Tailor-made design

Thanks to our structure, we are able to create custom furniture, with the aim of providing complete solutions, and suggesting settings according to the customer's expectations.

With the territoryLegame